Girl-friday’s Private Island Costs

Hi everyone,
As of now Early January 2018, Friday is again DETOXING AND in CELEBRATION MODE appreciating the amazing and magical improvements a good NEW YEAR Detox can offer her body. To share Fridays celebration she is offering a 25% OFF Discount PROMO as her way of saying thanks for a healthy happy life for 2018. 

She encourages all of you if you don’t do so already. to please get more in touch with your body and detox cleanse, and again especially around New Year time after all the Xmas & New Year festivities and this is why she has chosen again this time of year that you too think of gratitude and consider some detox fasting and improving your lifestyle.

AS of today January 18 all figures below have been slashed down again, discounting your visit to her island 25% off.

So for Fridays friends (old and new) this shared value COST contribution goes towards the maintenance of Fridays island home facilities for the rare “Nature Loving’ ‘Special Like-minded’ visitors who enjoys a clothes-free island vacation and healthy lifestyle.

See Conditions of a Special Invitations below too. Also because Friday offers exclusivity and a very special Robinson experience she generally only offers 1 or 2 visitors to appreciate her island at a time.

So do try to get away, escape from the rat race, the sameness and sometimes the dullness of your current lifestyle and give your body a gift.


Here on Fridays island you has 3 separate SEASONS to share her paradise and costs are adjusted accordingly. Some visitors love to escape for a long visit as this way they can avail of lower costs, the least costly being a visit in GREEN SEASON on No Frills.

** – June-October


** – November-May


** – December 15th – Jan 10th
Xmas/NewYear TIME is called XMAS/NEW-YEAR SEASON


The Sample Rates below are for GREEN SEASON

DRY SEASON – 10% higher


Girl-fridays island lifestyle

Girl-fridays island lifestyle

Rates for friends offer 3 levels of budget.

‘No Frills’, ‘Most Frills’ and ‘All Frills’ rates.

All 3 levels included:
• Boat transfers to and from Fridays island
• Royal red carpet island welcome
• Fridays beachfront cottage with garden bathroom
• All Fridays island meals/drinks
• 2 evening beach-fires or bonfires weekly (weather permitting)
• 1 or 2 evening Jacuzzi’s weekly (weather permitting)
• 1 or 2 temple nights, with angel card reading/chakra balancing

Plus fabulous quality time for yoga and other gentle arts practiced
on Friday’s beautiful sun decks over the water or in Peace Temple.

Girl-fridays island lifestyle

Girl-fridays island lifestyle

No Frills Rates – All Above

No additionals
Most Frills Rates – All Above
Plus daily kayaking / snorkelling gear
Daily 30 mins massage plus 20 mins more of little pampering treats.

All Frills Rates – All above
Plus weekly x 2 half-day boat adventures
Daily kayaking / snorkelling gear
Daily 60 mins daily massage, plus 20 mins more of little pampering treats.


See example below, plus the conditions of a Fridays Island visit below that

Add 5% extra as incentives for Fridays island team

4 nights  

 No Frills
Most Frills
All Frills

$ 324
$ 452
$ 599
$ 291
$ 407
$ 540
7 Nights

No Frills
Most Frills

All Frills
$ 566
$ 791
$ 1,049
$ 510
$ 712
$ 944

10 Nights..
No Frills
Most Frills

All Frills
$ 809
$ 1,130
$ 728
$ 1,017
14 Nights.
No Frills
Most Frills
All Frills
$1, 583

21 Nights..

No Frills
Most Frills
All Frills
Girl-fridays island lifestyle

Girl-fridays island lifestyle

Coming as a friend on a special invitation via a shared value COST contribution means you would be helping to support the protection of Fridays Island for your own visit and for many others too.

As well you will be helping further the cause of a clothes-free lifestyle in a healthy way in a fantastic paradise.

Conditions for a Special Invitation

Friday invites only a handful of visitors each year, so once you request dates for your stay these dates are respected and held for 7 days only, at which point a 50% deposit of your cost must be paid to kept them reserved.

The balance of your stay is to be paid within 14 days of arrival for full confirmation.

Due to the nature of a special invitation to Fridays Island there is no refund on any arranged stay if cancelled.

All stay dates can be rescheduled or even transferred to another member of the family or friend if that person is accepted as a good fit for Fridays Island and her lifestyle.

heart-steps-picsYour dates of stay can be adjusted at no additional charge if earlier than 45 days prior to your arrival.

If between 30 – 45 days prior to arrival there is a small 15% charge

If between 15 – 29 days this charge is 25%

If between 8 – 14 days this charge is 40%

If only 7 days prior to your arrival this charge is 60%

The balance of the value of your reserved stay will be accredited towards your rescheduled dates.

Sometimes allowances can be given, however Friday suggests that family and friends consider having Travel Insurance to cover unforeseen events that can change holiday plans.
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