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fridays island adventure

fridays island adventure

Fridays Island Yoga, Chi Gong and Tai Chi Time:

Rocky Island Sundeck is a great venue for Fridays Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi and other gentle arts.

Friday will usually rise early; before 6am to appreciate the rosy colors of a new day. She might take a quick dip in the sea and rinse off under her beach shower, before jogging, (fast walking) slow wandering or dancing on her lovely white-sand beach.


fridays island yoga tai chi

fridays island yoga tai chi

After she has warmed up she climbs the steps to her two arched bridges.

These take Friday to her Rocky Island Sundeck with steps down into the sea.

Although her Heavens deck (at the other end of her beach) is a much larger deck and great for dancing, her favorite ‘Friday Time’ is on Rocky Island.

From this tiny Island she can enjoy the sea on three sides from high up on her platform, then climb down the steps into the ocean and swim home.

fridays island yoga time

fridays island yoga time

Friday often warms up with some Chi Gong then tai chi and last yoga, it depends on how she feels. Some of her friends practice other martial (gentle) arts and Friday will join in too if they like the company.

Each morning hornbill, eagle, egret, woodpecker, sunbirds and sulfer birds (to name a few) pass over-head or dance about on the cliff beside the deck.

The noisy kingfisher often gives a fabuluos display of diving into the sea to catch a fish or crab for their meal, sometimes from right off the bridge nearby.

Friday also loves to dance, especially when her Robinson Lovers come to visit.

fridays island dance time

fridays island dance time

For her, dancing in the gently warm rain often enhanced by colourful rainbows is special quality time.

Local villagers seeing her dancing on the top of her deck must think she bought the rain with her dance.

When Friday finishes her practice she just climbs down her ladder stairs and swims/snorkel, saying hello to the fish and the corals on her way back home.

fridays island adventure

fridays island adventure


Around sunset Friday might do almost the same again, of if tired maybe just wander her beach, then enjoy some meditation or lie down and drift into the stars above for an hour or two.

Her favorite ending to her day is a magical swim in the sea surrounded by sparkling phosphorescence.

** Friday has extra yoga mats for friends.

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fridays island adventure

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