Friday is always happy to share her Vitality – Longivity – Detox Tips

fridays island fun

fridays island fun

She places high importance on vitality and longivity on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial).

Her holistic approach to being well includes a regular cleansing diet with stronger detox when needed, plus a deep connection to self as well as a bonding to Mother Nature each and every day, the longer the better.

Here are some of Fridays tips she practices herself

First and foremost for Friday, vitality is about being in love with herself  and

1. Scheduling lots of ‘Me’-Time
This is finding quiet and personal time for Friday to be totally alone.

2. Doing the Things She Enjoys Doing
Friday is always nurturing herself, doing the things she loves to do the most like jogging her beach, practicing yoga on her sundecks, singing, snorkeling, swimming, gardening, playing wiht her pets and doing anything that relaxes her.

fridays island fun

fridays island fun

 3. Getting Enough Sleep
Friday knows that lack of sleep makes her feel drowsy, lethargic with less concentration and focus and for her body to naturally detox she must get lots of rest and sleep time.

  4. Keeping Her Feet Moving several times each day
Walking, running, jogging, dancing, swimming and keeping fit are a daily passion for Friday.

5. Mindful Eating when and where possible
For Friday this means living a cleansing detox diet almost all the time.

fridays island fun

fridays island fun


 Friday also suggests:-

Leave Work in the Workplace
he boundary between work and home has become nil with the rise of technology, stress must be dealt with to keep in balance.

Say “No” When You Have To -If you are loaded at work, it’s okay to say no to requests made by colleagues to do some more work or projects, avoid the stress, stay balanced.

Get A Relaxing Day Off -Are YOU having trouble relaxing?
When it is YOUR day off make sure you don’t engage in work.

Don’t Fuss Over the Small stuff like Cleaning the House
Though clutter can mess up ones health too, being overly fussy about the mess in an obsessive-compulsive behavior that is no longer healthy.


fridays island fun

Throw the Guilt -Working parents often feel guilty for having jobs that take them away from home.
Fight the guilt. It is okay to work and have a career, you need the balance.

Friday believes good vitality starts with connecting to nature and asking Mother Nature to help cure and revitalize her. She calls this ‘Nature Cures’, meaning connecting to the ‘mother’ and asking for her help as she shares many important healing lessons.

 One of the biggest factors of all is taking control over positive attitude and nutritional health and well-being.

Every positive change Friday has made along her healing journey over the years has given her a beneficial effect on how she feels and acts now.



fridays island fun


Friday is a positive believer that there is a very important connection between what we eat, our thoughts, our vitality and our lifestyle and how we look and feel.

Nature Cures cannot be obtained without cleansing, detoxing and revitalization the five elimination organs. We alone are responsible for our health.

We alone MUST heal ourselves, by listening to our bodies and also to Mother Nature. Nature cures believes that disease is one, its cause is one and so its treatment is one.

Life under natural conditions will maintain perfect health. Moreover, our life is made to adapt itself to its environment, to detox naturally, by the constant flow of the vital force in our body. A natural tendency exists in this life force that brings forth a perfect harmony between our human body and its environment.


fridays island fun


It is unfortunate however, that this perfect life on earth has evolved to one where a lot of pain, suffering and toxification is happening due mainly to our non-observance to natural laws of nature.

If the life force in our body is unable to adapt itself to its surroundings or if an imperfect adaptation takes place, ill health, toxification and disease overpowers the body.

This needs a certain amount of energy for this adaptation.

fridays island friends

fridays island friends

We must realize that drugs and medicines cannot give this power; the tendency of the life force to preserve itself enables health to get protected from all obstructions and barriers.

Violation of the laws of nature and natural cleansing detoxification, causes dis-ease, and obeying them preserves good health and vitality.

If you are only now moving onto this path the best is to begin eating a ‘whole-food’ diet like freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, fresh fruits, salads or lightly steamed veggies, whole grains like brown rice etc., fresh unsalted seeds & nuts.


If any of Fridays visitors desire to loose weight, cleanse or deeper detox here is some important things to remember if coming to her island.

Before you arrive
To have a stronger, more effective detox cleanse, it’s a good idea to help the process by eliminating cigarettes, coffee, drugs, rubbish & processed foods like sugar, salt, white flour, alcohol, fatty foods & other heavy foods especially meat.


fridays island fun

Ideally begin eating a ‘whole-food’ diet like freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, fresh fruits, salads or lightly steamed veggies, whole grains like brown rice etc., fresh unsalted seeds & nuts.

Several days or even a week before arriving try eating just fruits, fresh veggies & fruit juice.

For the best benefits for a healthy vacation remember the following:

1. Pack and wear ONLY natural fibers, meaning cotton, silk of wool, not man-made fibers. All acrylic fabrics can be very toxic.
Look for a naturally made swimwear, NOT spandex.

2. Nail polish and acrylic nails are highly toxic, especially for visitors with health issues or joint aches and pains. All visitors are encouraged to remove nail polish from fingers and toes before arrival.

3. Pack and bring only natural personal products, like toothpaste, creams etc.
You won’t need makeup while here, so give your body a well earned break.


fridays island adventure

fridays island adventure

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