About Fridays Island Secrets and Negative Island Stories

fridays island adventure

fridays island adventure

You have been drawn here by the words ‘Secrets and Stories’

This page is about keeping Fridays Island a secret to be shared with just a few open-minded Special Friends. As well it also shares some conflicting stuff out there on the Internet about Malapacao Island.

Firstly know that clothes-optional living, (nudity) is generally banned in Asia, particularly in the Philippines (a predominantly Catholic country) so for those who choose to embrace such a lifestyle, most remain closeted in the confines of individual houses. In Fridays case in her unique beautiful island paradise that developers would love to get their greedy hands on.

Girl-fridays island lifestyle

Girl-fridays island lifestyle


Friday prefers that the magic of Fridays island, as well as the rare idyllic island lifestyle she lives must be treasured and preserved for just a few like-minded clothes-optional Special Friends.

How many times have you found a magical place and told your close friends about this ‘well hidden secret’ or ‘ a secret hide-away ‘, only to realise that years later the magic you once appreciated is lost forever with the explosion of popularity.

El Nido and its 22 surrounding islands were like that too in the mid 80’s, spectacular deserted white-sand  beaches, unforgettable magical lagoons, wonderful caves, jungle rivers.

When Friday arrived in 1986 tourism was in its’ infancy and truly a pristine location, full of pristine places and magic.

Girl-fridays island lifestyle

Girl-fridays island lifestyle

She enjoyed regular sightings of dugongs, whale shark, dolphin, turtle and many more sea creatures living in harmony in a fragile eco-system. Now such sightings are rare, as is the once abundance of fish for the local community.

The development of tourism alone is responsible for this great change and its hard to blame people wanting to explore beautiful pristine places. El Nido still has a lot of charm, but the breathtaking depth of its magic of years gone by, is sadly dwindling.

In earlier times Friday also invited larger numbers of visitors, only to see the negative effects of her island lifestyle and nearby environment.
 Now she has turned her back on regular tourism, apprecaiting her quiet idyllic privacy.

To protect the charm of her island she prefers that Fridays Island is ‘OFF LIMITS’ to the majority of people. Visits now are on ‘SPECIAL INVITATION’ only, keeping it exclusive for Special Friends.

Girl-fridays island privacy

Girl-fridays island privacy

Friday has signage on her beach stating that her property is a ‘Private Home And To Respect Her Privacy’.

However day-tripping tourists seeking her beautifully deserted white-sand beach and calm bay are becoming more in numbers to shoo away.

To help keep such visitors from coming allowing better protection of Fridays magical island, she asks that if you have a ‘SPECIAL INVITATION’ to experience her island as a Special Friend, please keep it to yourself.

Sadly there have been island visitors in the past, though loving a part of Fridays island magic, desire to weave their own ideals and values into their vacation at her island and negative critics have evolved.

Friday often laughs about people who send emails like:-
“Your island sounds exactly what we are seeking, but can we smoke”? many others similar to this.

girl fridays island paradise

girl fridays island paradise

Only recently a planned island visitor wrote:
Hi Friday
I’ve just come across this blog while I was looking for naturist clubs in Fili.

We are still sure we want to come to you but wonder if you could give us some info about the negative story written on the site.
Was this possibly the reason for stopping the commercial operation and making it for Family, Friends and Friends of friends only?




Fridays Reply:
Hi John
Interestingly only 2 weeks ago I too came across that site and read the silly story.
It’s all too sad that the Internet is like that, people writing 3rd hand information without ever researching what is the true reality.
I did email this person called ‘Admin Ian’, the apparent owner of that site, but he never replied.
It does make you wonder if he is a ligitamate person given that he only mentions Malapacao and no other naturist venue in all of the Philippines.

Here is my email to this Ian.

From: Friday <>jackfruit-team1-smSubject: Hello Ian

Hello Ian and only now I have found your website and am gratified to see a few local Filipino bold enough to share their story with other link-minded souls online.

Keep up the good work and I sincerely hope your naturist group steadily grows into a larger community that can better help to bring a healthier understanding of naturism to your mostly conservative people.

Warmest regards,




Friday being natural


Actually it is true the Govt. have been hounding me for years because of my love of living free of clothes here.  The big majority of Filipinos are steeped in conservatism and the so-called Catholic religion.

Some higher ups interested in my island property (I call them the vultures) have even gone to great lengths to encourage Govt. people to come out here on several occasions on silly charges of so-called poor sanitation blah blah. At one point sex abuse of my staff got a mention, (that was about me apparently asking one of the underage daughters of my staff to give me a clay-bake).
You can find lots of rubbish out there online if you want to dig deeper….it makes lush news stories and gives people the feeling of power.

This is why I now prefer  a quiet way of life to give the vultures little to no reason to hassle me. In fact it is a blessing, as now I am totally happy with the outcome.
Sometime we need that push to get off the track that is too challenging and to find a better solution.


friday-baby-turtles15-smIf in any way you feel uncertain of the true reality I will be happy to offer you email addresses of many Special Friends who love it here. Trip advisor has both good and bad, again a big majority of the bad has been put there to harass, but the good outweigh the critics. Thankfully most open-minded people read between the lines, so thank you for being one of them.

Friday …….which by the way is my Internet penname for Leeann, originally born Lesley Ann

It’s wonderful to now be Friday on Fridays island, hopefully left alone to live my simple life in the nude with just a few like-minded clothes-optional Special Friends.

Xxx F

Reply from planned island visitor:

Thank you Friday

Girl-fridays island privacy

Girl-fridays island privacy

You have confirmed exactly what I thought.
I too had read the Trip advisor comments and was amused, to say the least, at the report of one couple feeling intimidated and pressured into taking their bathing suits off in the hot tub. It’s a naturist holiday island – what did they expect!
They must have read your great website before they even set foot on the place.
It does beg the questions to their original intentions.

I had already found on the website, hidden in a little quiet corner, a little reference to your true name. As lovely a name as Lesley Ann is, I am sure you will agree that it doesn’t quite convey the idyllic and romantic nature of the Island and the culture that you have engendered as much as ‘Friday’. I love it! Fitting that we should be arriving on a Friday!

I was never uncertain about the true reality of Friday’s island in the first place and thank you for being open and honest. In all my years of naturism those are possibly the two qualities that join us, as a body of people, together.


Friday hopes you enjoyed reading about her secrets and the negative stories and suggests if you are a true naturist or would like to be one, even for a little while, then stay open-minded, share this information only with your treasured friends so you too can enjoy one of the most unique idllyic and secret naturist island hide-aways on the planet.





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