fridays island Robinson Lovers time

friday’s island Robinson Lovers time

Girl-friday is a healthy clothes-free kind of gal who has enjoyed a unique quiet private island lifestyle in the middle of the South China Sea for 30 years.

Friday, considers herself ‘An Out Of the Box’ kind of gal as during her precious time spent living on her island, a few open-minded, healthy men have been washed to her shores.

Her ‘Robinson Lovers’ enjoy priceless sequential nurturing time, with only the purist of intentions and respect, sharing paradise separately several weeks each year.



fridays island lifestyle


Like Friday, they too can appreciate her fabulous everyday island fun lifestyle being nude, pampered, loved, and very happy.

Friday is deeply grateful for her few ‘Robinson Lovers’ as they not only help to maintain her island, they add more depth to her feminine sexual side.

Ideally, Friday is open to developing several more polyamorous relationships as these ‘Robinson Lovers’ visits are not only heaps of fun, they complete the picture of a perfectly balanced magical island lifestyle.


fridays island Robinson Lovers time

fridays island Robinson Lovers time

Here is a list of qualities Girl-friday’s amazing Lovers would need to have:

a) Be financially giving, as helping maintain her magical private island is expensive.
See options for financial island support here.

b) Have a slim healthy body, an active life, prefer whole foods, enjoy a smoke and alcohol FREE, naturist lifestyle, at least while here on her island.

c) Have a balanced sense of completeness, contentment, gratitude, patience, and sense of humor.

d) Have preferably ONE (1) month per year available to spend unique time with Girl-friday on her island paradise. (Can be divided into 2 visits of 2 weeks each)

Read about Friday’s daily island ideals and her island living costs here.

fridays island Robinson Lovers time

fridays island Robinson Lovers time


Friday is in no hurry to choose her additional ‘Robinson Lovers’ as creating these unique relationships has and will evolve in graceful ‘Island Rhythm’ as all her island journeys have over the years.

Time will be needed to become initial firm friends with Girl-Friday, as seeking out healthy annual relationships of this type will be priceless and rare.

Read also Girl Fridays Life to appreciate her lifestyle and how you could spend your month each year with her.

And 1 Month with Girl Friday to appreciate the financial support that she is asking help with, if you are to be one of her Robinson Lovers.



fridays island Robinson Lovers time

fridays island Robinson Lovers time


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