Friday has a rare and unique island home.

Creating a perfect Private Island Paradise began with Fridays fantasy dream almost 30 years ago.friday-breakfast1-sm

Today such dreams are out of reach for most people because
“True pristine island paradises are NOW only for very Rich and Famous people.”

Friday knows of several other people who found their similar well-kept secret hide-a-way lifestyles long ago.


fridays exclusive private lifestyle

Sadly over time, many of these paradises merged into busy commercial ventures or became too challenging to manage properly.

Fridays dream to live ‘clothes and shoes’ FREE began even before her teenage years, when she started to travel the globe during the 70′s and 80′s.

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After years of searching the globe Friday found her private island paradise in 1986 and her idyllic dream island she now calls Fridays Island, evolved.

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Friday truly appreciates her paradise in a very private and exclusive way and she will nurture and treasure her island home for many years to come, sharing it with Special Friends, (old and new alike) who appreciate her lifestyle.

fridays exclusive private lifestyle

fridays exclusive private lifestyle


All Special Friends are invited on a SPECIAL INVITATION basis only. Some will have been before; new visitors will be asked to fill-in her simple questionnaire. You can read here).

Fridays’ island Friends respect the shared value contribution payment arrangement and the conditions of her invitation. One of these conditions since January 1st 2016 is a minimum of 10 nights, when they visit.


island privacy

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