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Friday is blessed with many wonderful coconut trees on her island and she drinks the water of young green coconut each and every day. It is called Buko juice and it’s full of vital enzymes and helps support Fridays rejuvenation and vitality.

Drinking Buko juice is delicious just on its own, though Friday mostly uses it as a base for green juice smoothies. She also enjoys to ferment buko juice as this adds powerful probiotic into her juices.

After Fridays early morning exercise she enjoys her ‘Power Juice’.

Here is how Friday makes her morning power juice
Using a liter size buko juice base add 5-6 freshly fallen ripe noni fruit, the gel of 1 large leaf of aloe vera, 1 or 2 raw duck eggs, a few handfuls of nettles, all whipped in her blended, then strained. Put in a shaker, add a little honey, cinnomon, charcoal, bentonite clay and DE powder and shake well. It’s a meal on its own.

fridays island lifestyle

fridays island lifestyle

In the afternoon she might make a boko juice base adding fruits in season like banana, pineapple, water mellon, jack fruit, star-apple, guyabano, tisa or avocado, adding green leaves, a little apple cider vinegar (ACV), topped with some freshly made coconut cream.

If she prefers a more veggie flavor, Friday will exchange the fruit for tomato, carrot, cucumber, bell pepper or fresh sprouts.
Friday also uses ginger root, cacao powder, seaweed, spirulina powder and more, it all depends on how she or her friends feel and what Friday has available at the time.

Friday has been making batches of Kombucha in her kitchen for many years. Similar in flavor to a tart glass of wine, Friday prefers to add fermented buko juice, herbal tea or green juice to her kombucha drinks and might drink either cold or warm.

Kombucha is a powerful probiotic drink and to make it Friday starts with a mother culture called a skobe, adding green tea and sugar then ferments this mix for 5 days or longer.

fridays island lifestyle

fridays island lifestyle

Though Friday’s meals are generally light and easy to digest, she sometimes feels she has over-indulged, particularily after a visiting friend or Robinson Lover has departed. So to give her digestive system a rest, she makes a full thermos or even two, of hot calamansi and ginger juice, adding a small amount of AVC, honey and a dash of chili.
Throughout the day she will drink only this, no other food, offering her body a little extra spring cleaning.

Knowing the general lifestyle of her visiting friends or Robinson Lover, Friday will occasionally encourage them to consider doing a gall-bladder flush and to help them, she will do it with them. Learn more about Fridays Gall Blader Flushes and many other vitality detox tips here.

Friday encourages you too,to consider living a healthier natural lifestyle.

Girl-fridays island lifestyle

Girl-fridays island lifestyle

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