Island Visitors

Visits for Fridays Special Friends

Friday is a 65 years young, healthy nature lover who has enjoyed a unique private island lifestyle for some 30 years.
For many months of each year, Friday helps to protect baby turtles.

Occasionally she invites a rare special ‘likeminded’ friend or two who understands that a minimum stay of 7 nights is generally required when they visit.

If you’d like to receive a ‘SPECIAL INVITATION’ to share her island, please copy paste her mandatory short questionnaire below and answer honestly, then send in an email for Friday to consider sending you an invitation.

Here is a sample of Fridays’ ‘Initial Visitor Questionnaire’:

1. Have you been referred to stay with Friday and if yes who might this be?

2. What is the % of healthy whole food in your diet and how long have you been practicing this?

3. Do you enjoy swimming, snorkeling and kayaking?

4. Are you comfortable around animals, (ie: 5 gentle medium sized dogs?

5. Are you open to a unique ‘clothes free’ lifestyle that is alcohol, drug and smoke free?

7. Are you open to an early to bed, early to rise environment?

8. Are you OK sharing a Robinson Crusoe type private island were you will be the only visitor?

9. Do you appreciate the simple things in life?

10. Do you agree to the Conditions of a Special Invitation? See Conditions here.

11. Do you understand Friday’s home is NOT FOR SWINGERS, offering sex orgies or the like? Sorry to ask this, but a few readers seem to think enjoying a ‘no clothes’ freedom lifestyle goes hand in hand with this.

If Friday’s approval is given then the expense for your stay would be similar to the figures mentioned here.

fridays island adventure

fridays island adventure

These ‘Island Visitors Costs’ show GREEN Season rates, with DRY Season being  higher, PEAK Season being higher again.

Coming on a special invitation means you appreciate the condition of this invitation as you are helping to support the protection of Fridays Island in a healthy way in a fantastic paradise.

Friday invites only a handful of visitors each year, so once you request dates for your stay these will be reserved for 7 days, at which point a 50% deposit of your cost is to be paid to kept these dates reserved.

The balance of your stay is to be paid within 14 days of arrival for full confirmation.



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