Fridays Food

fridays island lifestyle

fridays island lifestyle

Here’s an example of Fridays Island food and drinks

Friday prefers a diet that is rich in fresh fish, eggs, rice and organic tropical fruits, nuts, veggies, greens and herbs, mostly coming from her own garden or sourced nearby.

After she returns home from her morning exercise and swim around 9am, Fridays looks forward to her favourite morning ‘power’ drink.

This is a liter size coconut-water base juice, made with noni fruit, aloe vera gel, raw egg, green leaves, a little honey, spices and charcoal powder.


island omellete


If some of you are thinking ‘Woh that sounds an unusual exotic mix’, interestingly many visitors enjoy it, especially once they learn its powerful goodness.

Around 10 -11am Friday breakfasts on tasty fruit salad, whatever is in season (papaya and banana being always available) together with pineapple, boko (coconut) meat, goji berries and coconut.

To spice up her own fruit salads she loves to add avocado, sauerkraut, chilis, greens and flowers.

For visitors with less exotic and adventurous taste buds, there is an abundance of fresh fish and eggs around most of the year and Friday often makes her own rice based cereal muesli. Herbal teas of many types are available too.

Friday eats her main meal of island salads, sometimes with avocado, seaweed, eggs or fish and coconut ubud around 2-4pm.

island-salad2-picsBefore sunset prior to her evening exercise, Friday enjoys a green juice with a little coconut cream. Later she might eat a little fruit in season, coconut meat or fruit leathers made in her dehydrater or nibble on cacao seeds or homemade chocolate balls. If friends are staying with her she would prepare their preferred evening meals.

Friday’s evening drinks are a few glasses of her own kombucha (a fermented drink) and some herbal tea.


Click on the all pics on this page as well as others throughout her site, to give you a better idea of  what to expect on Fridays island table.

As coconut features so much in Fridays daily diet she has dedicated a complete page to her coconut trees, so enjoy this read too.


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