Unforgettable Island Adventure


fridays island adventure

There are 22 spectacular islands; several mainland rivers and caves nearby.

As Fridays wonderful private island is in itself the perfect paradise, most visitors prefer to stay on her island, happily naked 24/7 as its just the most comfortable place to be.

Almost 30 years ago when Friday first ventured around these pristine islands, she would rarely see another tourist boat around. Now on an average day 15 -20 boats full of visitors share the routes of Tour A, Tour B, Tour C and Tour D etc..

As you might imagine its not the same as having your very own private island with the opportunity to stay in the nude.

That said Friday knows of several nearby adventures, many seldom visited, that Friday and her Special Friends sometimes indulge in.

fridays island adventure

fridays island adventure

If you go exploring off Fridays island you may need to put on clothes and start very early in the morning to beat the crowds.

Alternatively enjoy a ‘Full Moon’ nude night trip if the weather permits and you have the energy.

Here are just a few of Fridays nearby adventures.

Fridays Island – Inabuyatan (The Princess)
A great few hours kayaking trip there and back.

If you are a good swimmer then arrange a long swim to ‘The Princess’ as it’s 1,760 meters one way.

A good plan is to get dropped off or picked up by Friday’s boat or swim or paddle there or back to Friday’s island. Friday and Monty may also join you.


fridays island adventure


Fridays Island South Side
Just 10 minutes away where you can often see tens of thousands of bats flying to the mainland with the bat-eating hawk hunting for her dinner too.

Leave at approx. 5:30pm and enjoy the sunset with a delicious kombucha, herbal tea or piece of fruit.

Fridays Island to Manlalic River
Another great few hours kayaking trip is to first go accross to the mainland into Manlag Bay then up the small tributary of the Manlalic river and into an even smaller side stream.
Often monkeys can be seen here and also lots of birds, crabs and sometimes monitor lizards.

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friday island adventure time

friday island adventure time


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