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paul1-picsBack in September / October 2012, I was planning a trip around East Asia visiting friends followed by a week or two on a warm, sunny beach somewhere quiet and ideally naked. Not expecting to find anything, I searched the internet to see if I could find any naturist beaches and to my surprise, I found one in the Philippines; Malapacao Island.

The more I looked at the Malapacao Island website, the more I wanted to go. However, it was clear that although the island used to be a rejuvenation retreat with many visiting guests, the owner had retired quite some time previously and now only invited very select friends and guests.

girl-fridays cabins

girl-fridays cabins

However, I emailed the owner to see if it was possible for me to spend a week or two on the island and was delighted when she agreed to accept me as a visitor to her now private island paradise

When I arrived, I was shown to my accommodation which was a very basic, simple but clean raised cabin overlooking a 200 metre beach which was literally 1-2 metres away.

Apart from the occasional fish, the food was primarily semi-raw vegetarian beautifully presented in coconut shells or on banana leaves. It was very tasty and fresh as a lot of it is actually grown on the island.

fridays island lifestyle

fridays island lifestyle

At sunrise every day, I would practice yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong with the owner on her sundeck overlooking the sea before swimming back along the beach for breakfast. Other times, we could go snorkelling or kayaking around the island or even visit other islands. I could also take a massage in the temple or a mud-bake right on the beach.

As there’s no bar or TV, we had to make your own evening entertainment although the owner often helped by offering beach fires, a movie in the temple or even a night in an open air Jacuzzi. The staff were also very warm, friendly and helpful with nothing being too much trouble. And best of all, it’s all fully naturist. I spent my whole holiday

ffriday island adventures

friday island adventures

And best of all, it’s all fully naturist. I spent my whole holiday completely naked 24 hours a day reluctantly putting my clothes back on when I had to leave to go home. All in all, I had a fabulous time on my first trip to Malapacao so much so that I’ve been there 3 times now. Each time has been the perfect escape from the trappings of modern civilisation allowing me to re-connect with nature in its most basic pristine form.

So I’m a little surprised when I now read some of the negative comments about Malapacao on some websites as they don’t reflect my experience at all. I can only assume they we’re totally un-prepared for the back-to-basics nature of the place and were too blinkered by modern civilisation to appreciate the more simple pleasures that Malapacao offers.

I’m glad I wasn’t swayed by some of these comments before I decided to go. Paul from Richmond, UK


fridays island friend time

fridays island friend time

My week in HEAVEN
I stayed a week in a most fascinating open air bungalow with gorgeous expensive-looking woodwork throughout and a wooden carved statue on the sea-side.

Windows/shields, made of transparent plastic, can be closed in case of a storm but there was never a need.

The view is truly a million dollar view, even from the bed, and the open air but private bathroom is my preferred styled of bathroom since visiting Bali many years ago, but this one was beautiful and full of charming little details (as is the rest of the bungalow), since most everything is made of local wood and materials.

The beach is just gorgeous and there is coral just a few meters away (so be careful when entering the water), run nude, swim nude, snorkel nude, I never thought I would find a place like this in Asia.

fridays island friends

fridays island friends

I was a bit too warm under the mosquito net, but with citronella I found that I could keep the mosquitos mostly at bay in the hours where they are active just after dark and then the rest of the evening and night was mostly mosquito free.

There are no sand flies on the beach so the beach was quite usable at night, an unexpected and delighlful surprise. The unconventional food was very good and often delicious, including the occassional egg in the morning on my request (duck eggs).

fridays island friend time

fridays island friend tim

I had a small allergy, maybe to noni juice, at the beginning and after staying away from noni fruit I was fine. Maybe this is what an earlier reviewer was alluding to. I am traveling for 5 months in Asia and I found the food here much safer from contamination than in most asian places.

I found the staff most friendly and the owner quite interesting and engaging. I had two hot tub sessions, massages, and an incredible floating bonfire the night before my departure.

This was a meditative and nature retreat for me – there was no alcool (which I drink very little of anyway), no smoking, no crowds since the place is currently operating on a screened visitors basis.

This island is truly a once in a naturist lifestyle experience, which is a jewel of a gift one can give to themselves.

Guy from the Colorado Rocky Mountains



fridays friends with baby turtles


My wife and I would very much like to say how much we really enjoyed our stay with the beautiful Girl Friday and her wonderful staff on the very picturesque Malapaceo Island.

Friday’s hospitality, friendship and overall pleasant nature, far exceeded our expectations!

We were so privileged to be treated like absolute royalty, day after day, from waking up to an environment in tune with nature, to indulging in delicious juices and fruits, to being pampered by daily massages, to wonderful boat trips exploring places above and below water as well as beach bonfires as well as totally relaxing  evening jacuzzi sessions.

For anybody wondering about staying here, then be rest assured that your every need will be catered for and you will be pinching yourself on a daily basis, as this place is like heaven on earth! Thanks again beautiful island girl Friday!
Paul & Nancy Willmore from Australia


I love Fridays island and want to return

fridays island lifestyle

fridays island lifestyle

I was met at the small local airport and taken to the Island’s boat.
This is a very large outrigger canoe with a diesel engine, very safe and seaworthy as I know boat very well.

A beautiful ride and a wonderful way to land on Fridays remote island. At first, one can not believe how perfect it is.

The eco hardwood cabins are built very well with electric and water all working, very impressive. One reviewer on TripAdvisor mentioned that this place is not for everybody and he was right. Go there for the beauty and to get healthy.

Friday will give you only healthy food and drink so don’t even think that you will find anything else on the island.

fridays island fun

fridays island fun

I am vegan and healthy and her food is perfectly safe and good. If you are not super healthy you will start to detox with days. Another reviews mentioned that she got sick- yes that is detox and the sicker your body is, the more you will detox. Sorry that is part of life, drink plenty of water.

The swimming is wonderful as the waters in that area is pretty much calm all the time. The jungle behind the beach is awesome and if you are strong in the body and soul, climb the mountain – serious climbers only. But Friday can do it.

You won’t find this Island experience anywhere. Neal from Marshell Islands


I visited Malapacao island, and stayed there for 3 weeks.

It was my husband’s birthday present for my 40th.

fridays island adventure

fridays island adventure

When I arrived to the island, a beautiful natural lady welcomed me. I found her very disciplined and strict, but at the same time very kind and helpful. She was a good a listener.

I came to the island to detox mentally (a sort of de-stress from my business), and at the same time I’d had enough of disgusting food; chocolates, cakes, supermarket food etc.

When I landed in this island I thought it was paradise. This is what I always wanted, to go to an island where there were no advertisements for any kind of food or drink. And no temptations. This allowed me to detox completely (mind and body).

I was taught how to prepare and eat all kinds of raw food. A fascinating experience.

The staff looked after me well. They massaged my feet and pampered me all day long. When I rested on the beach they always came and put flowers on the sand around me.

A very pleasant stay. I highly recommend this trip to anyone that wants to get away from it all.

Helen from London, UK

I have explored natural beauty in 37 countries and counting but nothing comes close to this place.

ridays island sword dancing time

fridays island sword dancing time

Toucans and hummingbirds everywhere. 2 meter wingspanned flying foxes circling the fruit trees on top of the rocks above. Dugongs cruising in the shallow waters, which is perfect for world class snorkeling right at the doorstep.

Fresh noni, coconut, jack fruit and star apples aplenty and the view is absolutely stunning. The island hopping adventures on her boat are memories I will treasure forever.

The long, skilled massage sessions were truly transformative in kickstarting my own energies.

I think of her beautiful island with increasing frequency and how I should be moving there, living a similar lifestyle of service to others. Helping people to detoxify both body and mind and enabling them a true perspective on their lives, often for the first time.

Friday is a true naturopathic healer.
When you arrive, you can safely lean back and cast all your worries to the wind. You can trust her that she will deliver the healing you need.

Her freedom, strenght and wisdom of naturopathic, energetic and other surprise healing methods are inspirational.

I spent two weeks with her and her methods secured me a squeeky clean body, loss of 20 kilos of body fat, and a complete change around in my diet, as I have been able to maintain a strict vegetarian diet since, which is required for my Meditation practices.

I am eternally grateful for her and proud to be able to call her my friend.

Peter, London.

It was 20 years ago that I first visited Fridays island, and with so many fond memories I went back to and loved my 2nd stay even more.

Thank you so much for having me stayed again in your beautiful island. I enjoyed your company very much and I think about you every day since I came back.

It was such a good break from my life in Shanghai and the simplicity of the life on Malapacao makes me more appreciative of everything the world is giving us everyday.

I am making ginger tea in a thermos and take a little bit if chili everyday. I prepared a delicious fish soup yesterday that my daughters also liked very much… Some learning from your kitchen!

I hope you are well. I guess you are enjoying nice weather again and hope you are able to take some rest.

Take care beautiful Princess,

Lots of Love



Girl-fridays Review from New Friends To Be

fridays island friend time

fridays island friend time

From: Karel

I found your webpage by accident as I searched for accomodation in El Nido and I couldnt believe it could be true. Such a dream come true, such an island you created to your image. I am sure you receive a lot of similar emails, bud I add mine nevertheless.

I am a doctor in Europe and myself enjoy being nude, to express my freedom, having nothing to hide, pretending nothing. Thank you for the inspiration, for showing me that we can do anything when we feel we should.

I wish you to live the happiness and inner peace that comes from being yourself for the rest of your life!

With love,


fridays naturist lifestyle

fridays naturist lifestyle

Hi, so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I am a 51 year old Canadian woman living in a northern Alberta Oil town. -35 C this past week.
I have been here for 2 years and its cold and snowy for 8 month of the year. We left our Ontario lake house to seek our fortune out here, basically to pay off our home in Ontario which will be the place we retire to.

Watching the Arte video of your Island gave me the dreams and vision I needed to be able to survive in such a cold place, I can close my eyes and hear the ocean and the birds and feel the warm breeze! I hope that one day I will be able to visit.

Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful place it is so inspiring.


Girl-fridays island lifestyle

Girl-fridays island lifestyle



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