fridays island lifestyle

fridays island lifestyle

Fridays Island Important Info
Fridays Private Hideaway Island one of 22 island gems studding Bacuit Bay in the El Nido Marine Reserve, Palawan, Philippines.

This land of priceless stunning beauty and peace, famous for its breathtaking black marble seascapes, offers you a rare experience in your lifetime.

Not far from Hong Kong on a Latitude and Longitude of < 11° 5′ 57.87″ N 119° 24′ 30.64″E>. If you go into Google Earth with these co-ordinates GE allows you to zoom right onto Fridays island paradise.


Palawan, called last frontier of the country, is the furthest western island of all the 7001 islands that comprise the archipelago of the Philippines.


friends with baby turtles

El Nido town is 80 minutes by plane from Manila and a 5 hour journey by shuttle van or a slower bus from Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan.

Fridays Island is 35 minutes by boat from El Nido town, 15 minutes by boat from Manlag, the nearest mainland landmark.


Book your International flight to travel from your city to Manila,
the capital of the Philippines.



fridays island lifestyle

On arrival in the Philippines, most visitors receive a FREE 21-day visa
(there are a few exceptions).
Extensions are hassle-free and we are happy to offer assistance.


Travel in and around Manila
Now with better policies for the International Airport taxis, transfers to connecting flights or your Manila hotel is made easier.

Options to get to El Nido.

1. Direct travel from Manila (MLA) to El Nido (EN): – this is the fastest and easiest way to arrive in El Nido. (see info below)

2. Via Puerto Princesa (PPC): – Though a longer trip, this offers a cheaper option.
From PPC travel via shuttle van up to EN and this takes between 5 -6 hours. (see info below)


fridays island home sale

fridays island home sale

Via a Direct Mla – El Nido Flight

Air Swift fly direct from Manila to El Nido and back, four (4) times each day

As well as from Cebu to El Nido and back daily.

See the schedules below:

EL NIDO – MANILA  DAILY         8:00, 12:00, 16:00, 17:35
MANILA – EL NIDO  DAILY         6:30,  9:55,  11:00, 14:00
EL NIDO – CEBU                           12:55
CEBU – EL NIDO                           15.15

You can book online through this site ( www.air-swift.com) or from their Call Centre at hotline numbers (+632) 8515664/74 or through any of their Authorized Travel Agents

Luggage allowance is 10 kgs, with excess at approx. US$1.50 per kg.
The trip takes around 55 minutes.


From El Nido airport to Fridays Island

First of all, just relax and wait under the pepper tree in ITI’s lovely garden area. When the plane takes off to go back to Manila (approx.. 30 minutes) a tricycle driver will arrive with his tricycle to drive you to Fridays waiting boat 15 minutes away in Corong Corong where you travel to Fridays Island.


fridays island lifestyle


HOW TO GET HERE – via Manila to Puerto Princesa (PPC)
Many airlines now fly daily flights and costs varies from as low as US$60 up to $120 one way.

From PPC there are now several daily buses and shuttle vans plying PPC – El Nido.

Their PPC terminal is generally at the San Jose Bus Terminal 20 minutes north of town, and from El Nido it is currently in front of the Corong Corong Market.

When you arrive in PPC from MLA catch a tricycle at the PPC airport to drive you to this San Jose Terminal, cost is around P150-200.

Do check out contacts for current mobile number
and more up to date info here.

Malapacao Island Cottage Detox Cleansing

Malapacao Island Cottage Detox Cleansing

Things to bring:

1. Flashlight (headlamp is best) and MP3 /IPOD for some music.

2 1 cotton long-sleeved shirt and long pants for evening wear as protection against mosquitoes (if they are around)

3. Scented candles and incense for our pleasure, our mood, and for sharing with our group nights.

4. Ear plugs can be useful for light sleepers as the sound of the waves sometimes is a little noisier than some visitors like.

Connecting to the Internet:fridays island lifestyle

Fridays Internet connection is often slow.

If bringing a laptop its possible to buy an Internet Modem Plug-it in El Nido town (approx. $15-18) Load cards are also available in town.

Regarding Cellphone use:
If bringing a phone, ‘Smart’ signal is stronger here.

One can buy an inexpensive phone here in the Ph, for as low and $25 with a Smart sim, rather that trying to get a dual sim system or using roaming.


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