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About Friday and her Interesting Island Saga

fridays island adventure

 Appreciating and Sharing My Flowers and Fruits

As life has a way of evolving so gracefully, and flowing through us, I was destined to meet my next mentor, Farida Sharan, the owner/founder of The School of Natural Medicine, Boulder Colorado.

After years of of tuition from Farida as well as commitment in the field of alternative natural health I earned my Diploma in Naturopathy. Applying my practical experience of detox and fasting with local herbal medicine I shared my knowledge with others here on my tiny coconut island.

fridays island Robinson Lovers time

fridays island Robinson Lovers time


Offering colon cleansing services long before many people in my part of the world had ever heard of it, added to my growing local legend. ‘The Detox Coconut Lady of a Private Remote Island.

When I began my fasting programs, visitors from all walks of life came and from all corners of the globe, desiring to give themselves a ‘life-changing gift for their future, have blessed my unique island home with their presence.

They came to my paradise for guided full body deep detox, parasite cleansing, colonics, organic raw food, coconut ology teacher training, and alternative health information.

Girl-fridays naturist adventures

fridays island adventure

Sadly, many of those that come to my island only decide to open to detox cleansing after they have become burnt out from stress and an unhealthy diet.

Many know what to do, but forget to listen to their bodies.

Too many get seriously sick and take toxic medications, especially for depression, or seriously ill with health challenges, some with cancer.

Many have had no luckwith regular doctors and don’t know what to do.

Almost all have parasites and bacteria issues, many have sticky blood and acid pH, and it is a steep uphill challenge for those not YET ready for deep change in their diet and thought patterns.

fridays exclusive private lifestyle

fridays exclusive private lifestyle


Part of the process of becoming healthy is learning to love ourselves and listen to our spiritual inner child and our hearts; to learn to see our body as our temple.

I feel so blessed to have my coconut trees and magical divas here with me every day to be reminded often, many are not so fortunate and negative thought patterns rule.

Around this time the Govt. ruled that I employ a Filipino doctor on my team if I wanted to run Detox programs.

Later they added that I must employ a Licensed Massage Therapist to offer massage services and still later, that I employ several armed security guards to look after visitors ‘supposed’ safety.

Here was I evolving in an especially healthy spiritual lifestyle, closer to nature and freedom in every way, including being naked as often as possible, which doesn’t always suit some conservative visitors and most local Filipino people.

Hum-do you connect?

fridays island coconuts

fridays island coconuts


Though at first I tried adapting some of the Govt. rules into my island lifestyle, I soon realized the near impossible challenge to find any well-trained local professionals who’d appreciate a raw food-semi raw food healthy diet, as well as an acceptance for naturism.

This was only the beginning…there was MORE..and island life was loosing its pristine balance yet again.

Thankfully Tinkerbell always nearby, helping me take stock of these and many other new challenges, gently tapped me on the shoulder once again.

She reminded me that years ago I ‘d pledged myself the gift of enjoying my island lifestyle in simplicity, privacy and exclusivity at the turn of my 60th birthday.

fridays island adventure

fridays island adventure


So to honor this pledge,  I began the winding down adjustment into pure retirement.

Now more than three years later I have truly returned SIMPLICITY, PRIVACY, EXCLUSIVITY and BALANCE back into my pristine island lifestyle.

Heaven is back and I’m well taken care of by Tinker Bell and my island fairies. Now I enjoy glorious quality ‘ME’ time indulging in my daily yoga, other gentle arts, swimming/snorkeling often with my beloved Monty. I have more quality ‘ME’ time for daily pampering treats like clay bakes and massage, more ‘ME’ time for everything.

All it took was a simple shift of ajustments and I found a way to become happily retired and isn’t this what most of us dream of doing sooner than later.

Now I choose to invite just a handful of visitors each year. These are members of my family, dear friends, and their friends, occossionally friends of friends provided they appreciate my naturist lifestyle and would be a good fit for my naturist island.

fridays island Robinson Lovers time

fridays island Robinson Lovers time

All is changing, all is evolving and life gracefully flows along our journey in life, just as mother nature intended. Though Lady Luck have a role to play with timing in our lives, the steering wheel is always in our hands. It’s up to us to journey in the best direction to bring our desired outcomes and I encourage all of you readers, particularily women, to seek more fun in your lives.

For ‘Like-Minded Friends and Family’ please do also read ‘Island Visitors’ if you desire to come on out to share my island and enjoy my rare, priceless private island lifestyle.

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fridays island adventure

fridays island adventure

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