About Friday – Chapter 1

fridays exclusive private lifestyle

fridays exclusive private lifestyle

Fridays Interesting Saga

Chapter 1 

Finding the Soil to Plant the Coconut Seed

Mark had airline tickets back to Australia, suggesting we look for a place in tropical Cape Tribulation, Northern Queensland, and another paradise we both loved.

However living in the West did not fit my mystical journey.

I could feel my need of a paradise in the East, far away from what most call ‘normal’ civilization.

Still Mark was my partner; we had traveled together for more than 14 years, sharing much love, joy and experience.

fridays island lifestyle

fridays island lifestyle

He’d often suggest I wake up to reality and I’d struggle with questions like:-

“Why did I at 36 years old still believe such a fantasy fairytale about an exotic paradise with a coconut fringed beach was waiting for me”?
“Would I be searching my whole life for an unobtainable mystical private island dream?”

“Could there really be gods, goddesses, fairies and spiritual guides and a remote coconut fringed white sand beach in Asia that Friday could live on?”


fridays island Robinson Lovers

fridays island Robinson Lovers


While traveling through Malaysia on our way back to Australia, Friday was sharing her far-fetched island dream with a Swiss couple while sitting at a small street-side restaurant in Penang.

Immediately both said that my vision sounded like the pristine area they had just left, the spectacular bay, cliffs and coconut fringed beaches of El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.

Immediately I heard bells in my head and felt Peter Pan beside me again saying the words “what are we waiting for?”
I looked at Mark, who, though amazed with my mystical adventures, agreed to add yet another detour into our plans to get back to Australia.

Weeks later after trekking off the beaten track through rice paddies and waiting days in a crocodile infested riverside village for a weekly market boat, we found our way to the paradise of Bacuit Bay.

This bay has 21 unforgettable pristine private islands, with coconut fringed white sand beaches and the main town is called El Nido.

fridays island adventure

fridays island adventure

After just two weeks here, surprising even myself, I was adamant that I would find my dream in one of these exotic gems.

Mark had not the heart to share my dream, yet I heard myself tell him, “I will manage it alone from here and find my pristine paradise, I will make the nest I am now ready to make”.

We said goodbye, he thinking I would come to my senses with time and experience. I knew I was here for life.

Four months later, together with Peter Pan, I was shown the unforgettable shores of my destiny.

As if my friendly spiritual guides had waved their magic wands, almost all of my wishes were in front of me on this tiny magical island. It was my exotic, mystical place here in Asia.



It was a gem surrounded by other gems, a pearl in a pristine place.
It was an island surrounded by blue crystal clear water, teaming with fish.

It had a long white sand beach fringed with coconut trees and a nearby coral reef.
It had a lush tropical jungle backdrop.

It had many rugged mountain peaks of Black Marble, a cave and a grotto for meditation. Turtles visited the shore often to lay their eggs and exotic birds shared space with colorful butterflies, dragonflies, lacewings and more.

If all of this was not enough, it had a carved small pool just on the shore that I could use as my wishing well for future diva dreams. I was ecstatic and in love.

fridays island adventure

fridays island adventure

Now making it my tropical paradise home and becoming self sufficient on mostly coconut and organic food was going to be the dedicated work of my life, a challenge like moving a mountain!

It was September, over 26 years ago, when I was washed to these shores with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, arriving with almost no savings left. Few westerners lived in our area, few locals had met a foreigner and fewer spoke English.

Even though I was well traveled, living among people from such a simple culture was like stepping back in time 50 years or more. I was ever-so green!!

I had not even thought it through, how I would survive eating my beloved detox coconut diet, what I would do for funds. My family (though not close) believed like Mark did, that one day I would return to my senses and come back to Australia; there was no way I was going to ask them for any financial help.

In the early days life was about survival, with huge challenges. It was not a bed of roses that is for sure! Days and dramas were real and not for the weak minded.

fridays island adventure time

fridays island adventure time

Living here can be like being in the Wild West and I had my hands full just trying to understand a culture that is so different from our world.

There were days I admit I hit some mighty bumps and did buckle and bend just like the coconut tree does – it happens to all of us!

But these obstacles were heaven-sent to make me stronger. I believe one makes the most of what we have.

I had what most people only dream of, it was a precious magical gift, how could I NOT put my heart and soul into it?

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