Fridays Island

WELCOME, you’ve reached the official website of Friday and her unique private island paradise off Palawan, Philippines, in the middle of the South China Sea.
This website is about her naturist dream come true.

Friday enjoys a healthy and serene lifestyle of the rarest kind, living most of her days swimming, snorkeling, sun-baking, practicing yoga, running/jogging all in her birthday suit, as well as her turtle conservation project.

Her tiny island haven has a white-sandy beach, coconut trees, coral reef and a calm sea. Her diet is mostly organic foods like coconuts, tropical fruits, veggies, green leaves and herbs from her VERY OWN garden.

Friday searched for years, almost giving up finding her NUDIST island paradise to keep herself healthy, happy and balanced.

She thanks Tinkerbell and her Angels for whispering, “Don’t quit, one such paradise exists and we’ll help you find it”, and find her Island, she did.

Privacy and healthy living are Fridays treasured values since she retired a few years ago. Her island days offer plenty of quiet relaxing time, free of timetables and schedules.

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Every other month Friday invites a family member, a friend or a friend of a friend to visit her.

Some will have been before; new visitors will be carefully screened to invite only like-minded people.

To honor her femininity, a handful of open-minded, healthy men have been washed to her shores.

Several of these have evolved into beautiful  polyamorous relationships, visiting her 
2 – 4 weeks each year.

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Friday has an early to rest, early to rise lifestyle with a few hours each day of exercise and fun.

Upon waking, she takes a dip in the ocean, jogs her 220-metre long beach, then moves onto her island sundeck over the sea for an hour of Chi Gong and Yoga.

Each day she swims and snorkels in the ocean and sometimes she will kayak to interesting places nearby, and she loves swimming with baby turtle.


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