Fridays Island

WELCOME to Fridays unique clothes-free island home. Friday is currently in Celebration Mode, happy that the sun is back after days of rain. She’s appreciating the benefits of a month-long detox fast, breaking out of her slothfulness, moving into fun project development time.

To keep her island home unique and exclusive Friday only invites 1 or 2 visitors at a time so you feel like a true Robinson. Swim, snorkel, sun-bake and dance on her beach whenever you like, loving a unique rare quality naturalist island lifestyle. With an early to rest, early to rise lifestyle, upon waking stroll her 220-metre long beach white-sand beach, climb up to her island sun-deck over the sea for Chi Gong and Yoga or whatever is your spiritual practice, then take a snorkel in the ocean.

Her island features coconut trees, coral reef, calm sea with stunning views, and jungle hikes and rock climbs. Her whole-food,  organic diet of rice, fish, eggs, tropical fruits, veggies, greens and herbs comes from her OWN garden or sourced locally.

Buy Fridays Island  via a “usufruct” agreement

To celebrate her appreciation for life and good health Friday is making it more affordable for a few more like-minded nudists visitors, so avail NOW and enjoy this fantastic “50% OFF” PROMO  cuz Friday isn’t sure when she’ll take it down.

Please email her with your answers to her questionnaire and she’ll send you a Invitation if she feels you could be a rare special friend and she has an available cottage.

Friday also loves her turtle conservation project especially swimming with turtles. (read more here) Click small pics to see blowups. Click blowups to enlarge


Fridays Turtle Pics

Fridays Best Pics

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